7 Top Tips for CV Writing

It may be some time since you last updated your CV or if you have recently updated your CV check out our top tips to make sure yours is optimised for the best chance of making the right impression. If you’re looking for a new role then your CV needs to not only be up-to-date but include the right information. Your CV represents you so follow out 7 Top Tips for CV Writing to make sure yours is spot-on!


7 Top Tips for CV Writing

1.) Include your software skills. Employers are keen to know what computer programs you have experience using.

2.) Your most recent experience should be at the top of your CV in order down to your least recent experience. Your education should be in the same order too.

3.) Do not include too much personal information. We advise not to include your hobbies as you could potentially be judged on them. It is best to concentrate on your professional life.

4.) Use bullet points to highlight the key points on your CV such as your duties. Your CV will be one of many that is looked at so make it punchy.

5.) You do not need to include a photo or your date of birth. Neither is necessary for your CV, a potential employer will get to see you during an interview.

6.) Include all the important information on your CV such as: the town where you live as potential employers are keen to know that you are within an easy commute and include your phone number on your CV, otherwise you may not make the recruiters short-list.

7.) You only need to state at the bottom of your CV “References available on request”. You don’t need to include the details of your references on your CV.


Candidates Top Tips

Your social media profiles are looked at by potential employers so make sure you have changed your privacy settings so your information is not visible to the general public. Be aware though that your profile photo will still be visible to the public so make sure it is professional.

If you are working with a recruitment agency, make sure you are always contactable via email or phone, the job market moves quickly!


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