The Biggest Job Turn-offs for UK Professionals

Due to the UK job market remaining competitive, UK professionals are conducting their job search with a strict criteria in mind. With job hunters becoming more demanding in their requirements, we look at the biggest job turn-offs for UK professionals.


The Biggest Job Turn-offs for UK Professionals

CV Library recently conducted research on 1,000 UK workers and found that certain aspects of a job, or a company, were the biggest turn-offs when looking for a new role. The biggest turn-off was unclear job descriptions, with 20% of UK professionals stating this as their top job turn-off.

In a close second place with 18.2% of candidates, was a low advertised job salary. Therefore the two most important factors when attracting the top UK talent should be clear job descriptions with a satisfactory salary.

There were some factors of jobs and companies that deterred UK workers to a lesser degree. A small number of candidates were put off by long working hours (2.9%), unfriendly colleagues (2.8%), lack of flexible working opportunities (1.6%) and poor brand awareness (1.4%).


The Biggest Job Turn-offs for UK Professionals

Turn-offs During The Recruitment Process

With more and more candidates putting a high importance on the recruitment process, businesses need to make sure its recruitment efforts match the needs of the most demanding of top talent.

For candidates the recruitment process can be make or break in their job search. Over 10% would be put-off by a lengthy recruitment process. Also, poor communication in the recruitment process would deter 7.8% of candidates.

Companies with long recruitment processes that do not respond to candidates within days will find they lose top candidates to their competitors. Ensuring quick turnarounds in the recruitment process should be a top priority for all businesses looking to hire the best talent.

job turn-offs

Company Turn-offs

Candidates rated certain aspects of a business as their top turn-offs when job hunting. 9.5% of candidates said they would be put-off by a company with a bad reputation, a high staff turnover would deter 7.1% of candidates and poor management would put off over 6% of candidates.


These findings give businesses and recruitment consultants an insight into what the most demanding UK professionals are looking for when changing roles. Meeting the UK’s job seekers’ requirements is an important factor in securing the best talent for a role and should not be overlooked.


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