Why New Hires Quit and How Can You Improve Your Onboarding?

Hiring new employees consumes resources, so preventing them from leaving in the early days remains an important priority. On top of wasting resources that you have spent, if you lose a new hire you have to start again in the hiring process, which can really hold an organisation back. You also don’t want sought-after new talent to leave!  So why do new hires quit and how can you improve your onboarding process?

Why New Hires Quit

Why New Hires Quit?

  1. It’s Currently a Candidates Market

Simply put, they know that they can do better elsewhere if their new job doesn’t live up to their expectations. Currently businesses are struggling to fill positions due to a shortage in candidates, so if you manage to bag yourself some fresh new talent, don’t make easy mistakes and lose them.


  1. Poor Management

This is the top reason that most new hires quit in the early days of their job. If your new employee experiences a chaotic new start, you risk them walking straight out the door. An early bad experience doesn’t bode well for the future, so a new hire will walk before they get too invested in your company.


  1. Inaccurate Job Description

It would be no surprise for a new hire to quit if the job they applied for changed significantly when they started. One study found 43% of new employees left their job within 90 days because of this issue. Job descriptions need to be well thought out and detailed to avoid this significant problem.

Why New Hires Quit and How to Improve your Onboarding

  1. A Lack of Support

Giving the right amount of support is important for new hires to settle into their new role successfully. This is especially true for new employees who need training to bring them up to the skill level required for their new role.


  1. Poor Onboarding

Without a properly planned onboarding process there is a significant risk of new hires quitting in the first days of their new job. New employees need to be given the right information and support in the early days for a successful transition into your organisation.

How to Improve your Onboarding

How to Improve your Onboarding?

The onboarding process starts as soon as you sign a contract with your new employee. The time between contracts and their first day of employment is often forgotten as a potential time for new hires to quit. If they have questions and feel they are not getting all the information they need, they may quit. It’s also a potential time for other companies to snatch away your new talent and make them a better offer!

Consistent onboarding procedures will make sure your new hires are always given all the information they need to integrate into your organisation. This also leads to less potential confusion in the future.

Are your line managers full trained in how to onboard new hires? Your line managers need to have the right soft skills to welcome new hires into your organisation. If they don’t have the right skills, enrolling them into a training program could be money well spent.


Now that you have discovered why new hires quit and how to improve your onboarding process, what changes do you need to make in your organisation?