Top Tips on Boosting Employee Morale

If the morale is low in your workplace then it’s going to have some negative effects. Conversely, if you can keep employee morale high then there are many positive benefits such as happy clients, increased productivity and the ability to attract top talent. Now there are websites such as Glassdoor where employees can rate an employer, it’s important to keep employee morale high. To help you recruit and retain the very best talent in the market, we tell you our top 5 ways to boost employee morale.

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Top 5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale


A study by Psychology Today found that 76% of employees felt praise was extremely motivating. Private recognition is valuable but public recognition is motivating, such as in team meetings. Showing employees that you appreciate their efforts transforms employee morale.



Listening to employee’s views and suggestions is another extremely powerful method of boosting employee morale. Not only this but some of your employees’ ideas may be beneficial to your company. There are many companies that have been able to make significant cost savings due to employee suggestions.


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Supporting employees in continual learning shows that you value them and their career progression, thus boosting employee morale. Forbes states that continuous learning for employees is one of the fastest paths to employee engagement. Additionally ensuring employees have the latest skills will mean they are best equipped to carry out their roles.



Appreciation is invaluable but rewards and perks can quantify your appreciation. Rewards can be financial or non-financial, ask your employees what motivates them. Many employees may prefer flexible working or working from home one day a week. Other employees may be more motivated by a bonus. Other ideas still for rewards could be spending time away from the workplace for volunteering or taking a sabbatical.

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If employees are feeling stressed about something then they are not going to have high morale at work. If you don’t know already, find out what your employees’ job-related stresses are. It may be that they would like to be considered for flexible working to be able to manage their personal life and spend time with their family.


As you can see there are many benefits and reasons to boost employee’s morale, which will affect your bottom line. Now read our related article ‘Work Satisfaction Has Been Declining Since The 1960’s: How To Improve It‘.