How To Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

Employees play a vital role in an organisation; in fact, a business couldn’t function without them. We may not be able to always meet up socially at the present time with colleagues but there are still lots of ways you can show your employees you appreciate them.

How to show your employees you appreciate them in times of Covid-19


Thank you notes

In this digital world we’re often flooded with emails. Some thankful words in an email will always be appreciated but sometimes you will want to go a step further. A card posted to your employee is a simple but appreciated way to show your appreciation. It’s personal and shows you’ve made an extra effort.


Make it personal

Can you show your appreciation by tailoring the gesture to what your employees like or are interested in? Can you personalise it to a hobby they enjoy? Perhaps you could send them a bottle of wine if they enjoy wine tasting; maybe a food hamper if they enjoy cooking; or a book they’ve been meaning to read.

This is perhaps the most thoughtful way of showing you care about your employees and what is personal to them. Also read our blog on the Best Gifts To Get Your Employees.


show your employees you appreciate them in times of Covid-19


Career based rewards                                     

Investing in your employees’ education is a win-win, they appreciate the opportunity as they know it will benefit their career.

You could enrol them in leadership training or a course on presentation skills, or you could let them choose what area they’d like to grow in. Perhaps they don’t feel very confident in Microsoft Excel or maybe they feel like they need some self-care during these challenging times with a course on managing stress and anxiety.


Go public

Does your company have social media accounts? Why not post about your employees’ achievements? Not only are you publicly showing how much you appreciate them, but it also sends a positive message to your clients, or potential clients or employees that you care and value your staff.

A good company reputation is something you should nurture. It’s beneficial when you come to hire new staff to attract the very best talent.


Group achievements

If your company is structured in such a way that teams or departments can have some friendly competition, you can show your appreciation to a group of employees at the same time.

Offer them a great incentive or prize, not only will they feel appreciated for working hard, but it will also motivate them in their day-to-day work.

How to show your employees you appreciate them


Celebrate your employees’ important milestones

Whether it’s your birthday or you’ve had a new baby, everyone likes to feel that those around them recognise their important dates and milestones.

If they like to celebrate their birthday, then even a simple card and a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates can work wonders for employee morale.

This also relates to their work anniversaries. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to leave after a one- or two-year work anniversary. So, don’t let those anniversaries go unnoticed as they are the ideal time to show you appreciate their loyalty.


Survey your employees

Finally, have you ever asked your employees what they would like when they’ve achieved something great or gone the extra mile? You might be surprised what they say!


Planning how to implement your chosen gestures of appreciation is very important to make sure it happens.

Now you know how to show your employees you appreciate them, which ones do you think will work best for your organisation?