Below are the forms you are required to complete before your temporary assignment starts. Once downloaded and completed, please send the Timesheet and New Starter forms to us by post, email or fax so that we can process them as soon as possible. The P46 form needs to be filled in online by clicking the link below.



Download form

If you are working in a temporary role through 2i Recruit you will need to fill in a timesheet each week so we know how many hours you have worked. You can download your timesheets here and send via email or fax so we can arrange for you to be paid.

New starter

Download form

This form is for temporary staff. By filling this form in and sending it back to us, you can be sure that we have all the information about you that we need.

Starter Checklist Form

Download Form

We will need information about you for tax purposes, therefore all temporary staff are required to complete the Starter Checklist form even if you have a P45.