Top 5 workspace deal-breakers for UK job seekers

When looking for a job, a company’s office environment encourage or discourage someone from taking up a job offer. A recent study has found the top 5 workspace deal-breakers for UK job seekers. What are your top 5?

Top 5 workspace deal-breakers for UK job seekers


Top 5 workspace deal-breakers for UK job seekers

A recent survey of over a thousand job candidates in the UK in full or part time work found that more than half  of job seekers would turn down a job if they didn’t like the company’s office.

Given this large sample of candidates, companies need to be taking these findings into account when recruiting for new roles.

So, what are the top 5 workspace deal-breakers for UK job seekers?

  • Location (e.g. close to transport links, places to eat, amenities etc.) – 50%
  • Outdated décor – 41%
  • Lack of natural light – 38%
  • Broken or old furniture – 32%
  • Dirty and unhygienic workspace – 32%

1. Location

The biggest reason a candidate will turn down a job offer is the location of a company’s office. Job hunters want to work in an office that is near to transport links, places to eat and shop, and local amenities.

While the location of an office is not something that can be quickly or easily changed, there are other office factors that influence candidates that are easier to address.

As a side note, when a company is planning a relocation, to attract top talent they should carefully consider the new move in relation to transport links and local amenities.

office location job hunting

2. Outdated Decor

Almost half of the UK job seekers surveyed would turn down a job offer due to outdated decor. Companies should consider having a budget for regularly updating their office decor if they want the best employees given 41% of candidates would turn down a role on this basis.

Examples of companies that have gone the extra mile in their office decor are Google, AutoTrader, Innocent Drinks and Red Bull. These companies are looking for the very best talent and they know that office decor will help in this search.

bazaarvoice office by glassdoor

Bazaarvoice have really pushed the boat out with their office decor. Photo: Glassdoor


3. Natural Light


Another factor that can be fairly easily rectified and ties in with office decor is natural light. In studies, natural light has shown to increase performance in the workplace. So letting more natural light into the workplace will not only attract more candidates, it will also increase productivity in the workplace.

Increased workplace daylight exposure has also shown to improve sleep, creativity and quality of life. A happy worker will be a productive worker. The image below summarises some of the benefits of natural light.

benefits of natural light in the workplace

A summary of the benefits of natural light. Image: Cohere


4. Broken or old Furniture

A third of candidates are put off by broken or old furniture. Broken or old furniture is not a good look and will not inspire workers, let alone attract the best talent for new roles. This is a low budget fix that can be easily implemented, and will also help employees feel more comfortable, and therefore more focused.

New furniture shows that a company cares about their employees which will lead to more loyal and productive employees, as well as attracting new ones.

office furniture job hunting


5. Dirty and unhygienic workspace

No workplace should be dirty or unhygienic and for a third of candidates this is a deal-breaker. Offices should at the very least be regular cleaned and maintained.


What are your top 5 workspace deal-breakers?

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