What factors are likely to attract Generation Z employees to a job opportunity?

Gen Z

Generation Z (those born in the mid-1990s to the early 2000s) is an increasingly important demographic for employers to focus on. By 2020 it’s thought that Generation Z will make up at least 20% of the workforce. Although the millennial generation tends to get a lot more airtime, all the predictions are that it’s Generation Z who will be the larger force – more significant even than Baby Boomers. So, given the crucial nature of engaging with Generation Z, what factors are likely to make a job opportunity appealing?

A role that presents a challenge

Generation Z is not afraid of putting in the hours – in fact, 77% of this generation expects to work harder than previous generations. These are individuals looking for roles that provide engagement and challenge and which require them to step up to achieve results. If you’re keen to attract this type of employee, don’t be afraid to offer a role that offers a wide variety of challenges and gives candidates plenty to manage.

A competitive salary that will enable wealth accumulation

Generation Z is one that is acutely aware of the impact of negative economics. They have seen at first hand what happens to individual financial circumstances as a result of a recession and lack of opportunities. For example, according to research, the net worth of this generation’s parents fell by 40% during the recession. As a result, these are employees looking for financial benefits and ways to create security for themselves and future families.

A positive work-life balance

32% of Generation Z rate work-life balance as the most important factor that they look for in a role. While this generation is willing to work hard and is looking for financial security, they understand the value of ensuring that there is balance. Unlike generations before them they are not willing to commit an excess of time to desk work but want to be able to live a full life too. Roles that offer the flexibility to accommodate responsibilities and personal goals will appeal.

A fulfilling role

The definition of a “fulfilling” role will be different to a variety of people. However, it’s a common theme that Generation Z employees are looking to get more from their nine to five than simply clocking in and taking home wages at the end of the month. Whether they are making a difference to society, to the way the business is run or to the sector it operates in, Generation Z employees want to feel fulfilled and to be able to see the impact of what they achieve.

Varied responsibilities

75% of Generation Z would be interested in a position that involved multiple roles within one organisation. These employees are looking for variety and breadth when it comes to the scope of what they do every day. So, for employers looking to attract Generation Z employees, it will be crucial to provide opportunities to identify the variety of talents your employees possess.

These are just some of the insights that employers use to attract candidates from this key generation. We can help you to streamline your recruitment to find perfect candidates for your business – contact the 2i Recruit team today to find out more.