How Managers Should Prepare for Employees’ Summer Holidays

For managers juggling employees’ time off for their summer holidays can often turn into a scheduling nightmare. Read this article on how managers should prepare for employees’ summer holidays and reduce your stress.

how managers should prepare for employees' summer holidays

How Managers Should Prepare for Employees’ Summer Holidays

1.   Plan in advance

Managers need to juggle multiple requests from employees for time off. It’s best practice to ask employees to request time off as soon as possible to avoid the situation of having too many staff off at the same time.

If you do run into the situation of having more than one employee in the same team requesting time off, what do you do? You could accept the holiday requests on a first come first serve basis but this could lead to staff dissatisfaction and resentment.

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how managers should prepare for employees' summer holidays

The other option is you could use temporary staff to cover the absence. Using temporary staff is also a great option if one of your employees requests time off when you need full levels of staff. For example you might have a big project running or have a big deadline looming.

The main thing you want to avoid is having one or two employees covering for a few team members. This will leave them stressed and ineffective at their jobs. Avoid this with careful planning.

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2.   Handover

Some employees may need to carry out a handover before their absence to their line manager or a temporary worker. If the covering member of staff need to learn something new then make sure there’s enough time for training.

Make sure the employee who is taking their holiday sets up their out-of-office reply with an alternative contact or you could authorise access to their email or redirect their emails while they are away.

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3.    Onboarding temporary staff

Temporary staff do not need to know everything about the company so keep orientation brief and relative to their work to save time and avoid overloading them with too much information. Make the temporary worker has a clear understanding of their role and who they can turn to if they need to ask questions.

Make sure the member of staff who will be supervising the temporary staff is prepared.

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4.    Return to work

When your employee returns from their holiday they will need to be debriefed about what has happened while they were away. A structured handover on their first day back outlining a list of priorities and urgent matters is a great starting point.


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