5 Advantages of Using A Recruitment Agency

As a company you may be using an in-house recruitment team or recruitment manager. Let us explain the advantages of using a recruitment agency.

1. Extended Networks

Some candidates are hard to find without using the extended network of a recruitment agency. Many candidates who are passive or not actively looking would be off the radar of in-house recruiting teams. Finding passive candidates requires exceptional recruiting skills and experience along with enough time to search. Passive candidates will often seek out agencies to keep them aware of different opportunities at different companies.


2. Flexible Solutions

Recruitment agencies have the resources to fill temporary roles at short notice. The advantages of using a recruitment agency is they have a bank of skilled and experience talent who have been vetted and are ready to start working for your company at a moment’s notice. To search, filter, assess and interview the best candidates takes time and you will often not have the luxury of time if you are trying to fill a temporary role.


Advantages of Using A Recruitment Agency

3. Save Time & Money

There are often time limits for carrying out a thorough search of talent so its easier for managers to interview from a short list of candidates provided by a recruitment agency when filling permanent roles as well as temporary roles. You will save time and the headache in only having to interview the best hand-picked candidates. Your time is spent wisely only seeing quality candidates who have the best possible outcome of filling your role, freeing you up to do what you do best. Or your company may simply not have the resources to look through hundreds of CVs.

Money is not only saved by using less company resources but also saved by not having to spend on newspaper adverts or using job boards to post jobs.


4. Quality Of Candidates

Interviewing candidates from an agency shortlist means you are seeing candidates not applicants who have been pre-screened to match all of your criteria.  Quality candidates are hard to find, especially passive candidates who often only use recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies have access to both active and passive candidates meaning they will improve the quality of talent pool for each role. The most important factor is finding the best possible talent to fill the role.


5. Specialist Knowledge

A good recruitment agency will have specialist knowledge of the market you are hiring in. They can give you inside information on salary rates, expected skills and job expectations. Good recruiters will have knowledge of the job needs and the company needs so they will find candidates who can hit the ground running.


Why Work With 2i Recruit?

  1. Results Not Retainer – As a company you pay on results not a retainer so you can be assured you are getting the best value for money.
  2. Candidate Vetting – We vet candidates by testing their skills and checking their passports. A service you won’t get from using job boards.
  3. Relationship – We enjoy building lasting relationships with our clients – we like to come and meet you and see your office. We will have an in depth conversation with you about your needs, we won’t give you a hard sell.
  4. Experience – Founded in 2004, we have over 10 years of experience as a company and many more years experience from our recruitment consultants.
  5. Fewer Quality Candidates – You will get around 4 quality candidates per post on average saving you time.
  6. Best Results – We prefer to work on a sole agency basis so we can do the very best job for you.


If you are company and are interested in the advantages of using a recruitment agency and would like to speak further about your recruitment needs, please contact us now to arrange an appointment.