10 Reasons Why You Should Never Accept A Counter Offer

The very best companies will rarely make counter offers because they already believe they are treating their employees fairly and will wish you well if you find a better offer elsewhere. So don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a counter offer. However if you work for a company that does offer you one, read our 10 reasons why you should never accept a counter offer.


10 reasons why you should never accept a counter offer

10 Reasons Why You Should Never Accept A Counter Offer

  1. You were looking for a new job for a reason. Will these reasons suddenly disappear if you accept the counter offer?
  2. Your employer should have been paying you what you were worth anyway. Do you really want to work for a company who doesn’t pay their employees what they are worth unless they are threatened?
  3. If the offer includes an increase in salary, are you just getting your next bonus, promotion or pay increase now? Most companies have strict pay scales so you will end up having to find another job to increase your pay when your next pay increase was due.
  4. Don’t forget about the advantages of the new job you have been offered. Moving to a new job can be scary but it doesn’t mean it’s not a positive move in the right direction.
  5. You have shown your lack of loyalty and your employer will now question if they can count on you which will limit your future opportunities.
  6. The statistics are against you significantly. “The National Business Employment Weekly reports that four out of five people who accept counter-offers are gone within the year.” (Finance Magazine). Don’t be another statistic.
  7. Counter offers are usually just a stalling tactic to give the employer time to find your replacement. They are also usually made by your boss to look good in front of their boss. Bosses are judged by their ability to retain their employees, it will look bad on them if you leave.
  8. Your employer may question your convictions knowing now that you can be bought. You may even be seen as having committed blackmail to get a raise.
  9. Because you have shown a lack of loyalty to the company, you will now more than likely be at the top of the pile when they are looking to reduce the number of employees when times get tough.
  10. Recruiters have found that on average around 80% of those who accept counter offers reignite their job search within 3 months. This is likely to do with the way their employers now treat them after they have shown a lack of loyalty.


Tips For Handling A Counter Offer

Resign in writing and hand your letter to your boss personally so you are taking control.

State that you have carefully thought about the pros and cons of both offers and you have accepted the new one.

Explain you are not looking for a counter offer and hope to leave on good terms.

Resist the temptation to tell your boss your grievances, it will only make leaving harder and more unpleasant.


To leave your job or not is always a tough decision which requires the possibility of leaving what you are comfortable with and taking a risk for something better. You may also have some guilt about leaving your job. Your employer will likely realise your emotions around this big decision and use them in creating a counter offer if allowed. Think about the 10 reasons why you shouldn’t accept a counter offer and contact 2i Recruit if you need more advice.