10 questions to help you find your best candidate

Interview Candidate

How do you know if the candidate you’re interviewing is perfect for the job? The realistic answer is that you don’t. However, asking the right questions of your potential employee will give you much more insight into how this person might perform when you’re hiring for your team.

1. How do they feel about learning?

Candidates with an interest in learning and growth are those that are likely to bring enthusiasm and progress to your team environment. They are also the people most likely to pick up new skills the fastest.

2. Do they admit when they make a mistake?

It’s impossible to develop and progress in life without making mistakes. The most able candidates are those who can identify mistakes they’ve made if you ask them – and then tell you what they learned from the experience too.

3. Can they think on their feet?

If you ask a question that throws them off can they adapt to a new course of thinking? Agile, adaptive candidates will grow with your business and can respond to just about any challenge.

4. Did they ask questions?

Every candidate should know to have a few questions prepared at the end of the hiring process but the best candidates will base their questions on what they’ve learned during the interview. Have they tuned in to an issue in the business? Are they on top of a market development you’ve highlighted as important? Great questions indicate they understand the business, its market and have processed what they’ve heard while you’ve been talking.

5. How curious are they?

Apathy and a lack of motivation are not attractive qualities in candidates. Therefore, it’s a good sign if they’re curious about everything and keen to learn. This suggests they will be a genuinely valuable asset to the business.

6. Are you looking at a genuine team player?

It’s difficult to tell whether what someone says about being a team player tallies with how they behave. However, if they talk about collaboration and diversity in a positive light then this is a very good sign.

7. Do you feel like you’re talking to a good communicator?

People and relationships are key to almost every business and that requires positive communication skills. If you’re interviewing someone who is open and excited about the possibilities of new people and new interactions, then they are much more likely to be a credit to your business.

8. How will they fit in with your business culture?

Do they share similar brand values and ethical ideas? Can you see them integrating easily?

9. How are their instincts?

This is difficult to judge from a single meeting but look out for signs that they can sense important facts and spot patterns in data and information – this comes in useful in every role across an office, from PA to IT.

10. Do you like them?

You don’t have to be keen to go for a drink with them but is this the kind of person you want on your team?

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