What are the benefits of using a recruitment agency to fill your vacancies?

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The right candidates make the process of recruitment more efficient and cost effective – and often become the right people to take the business forward. However, finding them can be a costly and time consuming process for businesses working without help. From designing successful hiring strategies to simplifying and speeding up the hiring process there are many ways in which using a recruitment agency to fill your vacancies will benefit the business.

The benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Experience and insight

A recruitment agency has specific expertise when it comes to being able to match candidates to roles – it’s something that recruitment firms do every day. Ideal candidates are much easier to identify for those with professional experience and insight and the chances of hiring a “bad candidate” drop considerably when you’re working with an agency.

Sector understanding

From large industries to niche sectors, a recruitment agency with the right experience can provide sector understanding that ensures good choices when it comes to vacancies. This applies not just to having in-depth insight into the workings of an employer business but also to understanding how to identify candidates that will be the right fit.

Broad reach

It’s often difficult for an individual business to get the description of an available role in front of the people who might be best suited to it. Advertising can be costly and achieving reach across other platforms, such as social media and online job sites, can be time consuming and difficult to monitor. Recruitment agencies have existing networks that make it much easier to reach out to the right people and can provide advice on the best additional options to use.

Candidate screening

Without a recruitment agency, employers may end up with large numbers of completely unsuitable applications. Recruitment agencies can act as a filter, ensuring that only the candidates with the right experience and skill set go forward for consideration.

Providing industry benchmarks

As an individual employer it’s often difficult to establish where expectations should lie in terms of salary or benefits. Working with a recruitment agency helps to establish what the industry benchmark might be, as well as what the individual candidate is expecting. When it comes to salary negotiations these can also be handled by a recruitment agency, which is particularly useful for employers with less experience, aptitude or inclination to negotiate.

The interview process

Interviews are crucial to finding the right candidate but they are also time consuming and often difficult to manage. Partnering with a recruitment agency means interviews – particularly initial interviews – can be managed outside of the business. From these initial interviews shortlists can be compiled so that when it comes to employer interviews only those candidates who are truly a positive fit are sent through.

Hiring strategy

Working with a recruitment agency provides the advantage of in-depth industry insight and recruitment expertise. This can be used to develop a hiring strategy to suit the business and the sector that it operates in.

There are many benefits to working with a recruitment agency to streamline the hiring process and make it more effective. If you’d like to find out more about how we might be able to help you do just that please get in touch with 2i Recruit today by calling 01483 414719.