3 reasons to consider working with a recruiter to find new candidates


There are many different ways to go about recruiting candidates for your business. Particularly with the range of technology available today, you don’t necessarily need professional support from a recruiter to get the job done. However, it’s worth noting that there are some situations in which having a recruiter on your side can make finding the right candidate much simpler and ensure that, even if there are obstacles to recruitment, you can still get a great result.

1. Working with a recruiter can save (a lot of) time

On average, it takes around 28 days to fill a role. From posting a job advert, to screening, testing, interviewing and onboarding, it can be at least a month before there is actually anyone able to fill what might be a critical position. Handling the process internally means it is often subject to delay and may be put aside while department managers or senior staff handle other tasks. In a situation where you need to make a speedy hire, a recruiter is essential. From employing prescreening to remove inappropriate candidates early in the process, to using the benefit of years of insight to quickly identify top choices, a recruiter can help you cut recruitment times in half.

2. Recruiters seek out niche candidates, even in times of scarcity

Some industries fare better than others when it comes to having a broad pool of talent to choose from. Not every role will receive a flood of applications and, particularly where a skill set is niche, it can be a tough task to find even a small number of suitable candidates. Whether the market is slow or the role is specialised, a recruiter has expertise to offer. When you’re facing fierce competition for the best candidates, a recruiter could be the difference between receiving their application or not. Recruiters also understand the value of passive recruitment and can use specialised analytics to help identify the best way to make contact with the right candidates.

3. When only the best candidates will do

Every role requires a great candidate to fill it but there are some positions when only the very top talent in the industry will do. For most businesses, applications from candidates like these rarely simply arrive in an inbox. Attracting and finding the best talent is a combination of crafting the right approach, knowing what to look for and knowing where to look. Competition is often fierce for the best candidates today, whether you are recruiting bright graduates or making lateral hires. In a recruitment market where every employer is trying to stand out to the best candidates it can be tough to even be seen. Working with a recruiter provides the benefit of years of expertise, both when it comes to identifying the top candidates and making effective contact with them that results in a positive ongoing relationship.

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