5 Reasons Why Maintaining a Work-life Balance Is So Important

Work-life balance is a term that is often overlooked when it comes to building a career and getting ahead. However, it has a significant impact on individual experience and is a crucial component in future success. The easiest way to define it is when the personal and professional elements of life exist in harmony. There is space for home, family, hobbies, sleep, time off etc as well as work, commitment to a role and planning for future development. The key to this is that the two elements of life remain separate without one starting to squeeze the other in terms of time or resources. Work-life balance has an essential role to play in life for all of us for 5 good reasons.

Work-life Balance

1. Work-life balance leads to greater productivity

If you’re tired, stressed and overworked your productivity levels are likely to drop. According to research, people who are able to maintain a consistent work-life balance are much more productive than those who don’t. If you’re spending a lot of time at work be honest about how this is affecting you. If it’s reducing the quality and quantity of your work, a better work-life balance could be the ideal way to reset.

2. Protecting your own mental health

There is a lot of discussion about mental health in the workplace today. With rates of depression and anxiety rising, workplace stress is a key factor in the struggles that many face and this often originates from a poor work-life balance. Very heavy workloads, long hours, little time away from the office and not feeling valued for your contribution can all make this worse. However, if you have a positive work-life balance it’s much easier to de-stress and you can find opportunities to get perspective and rebuild confidence.

3. Making time for your physical health

The physical impact of sitting in an office every day isn’t particularly good for our bodies. Work-life balance is essential because it creates space for activities that can help nurture physical health, from getting fit to making lifestyle changes to help reduce blood pressure. And the healthier you are physically, the better you’re likely to be able to function at work.

4. Ensure you’re 3D

A lack of work-life balance can lead to a life that feels very two dimensional because it only features work. Work-eat-sleep-repeat doesn’t allow much room for personal development, interests, creativity and innovation, all of which are crucial to creating a well-rounded employee. If you have time to constantly challenge yourself, grow, learn and develop outside of work then you can bring this into the office too, whether that’s as a better colleague or by being an ideas person.

5. Life is short

Very few people look back on their lives and wish they had worked more. Achieving a work-life balance provides the opportunity to get the most from life and live in a way that is satisfying and fulfilling.

These are just some of the reasons why work-life balance is so important to everyone. The right role can help you to find this kind of equilibrium.