6 tell-tale signs that someone is the best person to fill your vacancy

Choosing candidates

Finding new people can be time consuming and costly and, if you’re experiencing high rates of staff attrition that result in repeated recruitment for the same roles, this can affect business performance and morale. Key to avoiding this is finding the right people for your vacancy in the first place – but how do you spot them?

1. First contact is organised and enthusiastic

The right candidate will supply you with all the information you need to make an initial judgment. A complete CV, engaging cover letter and an application that meets all the stated needs for the role will be an obvious sign that they are on the ball. Candidates who have taken the time to tailor their initial contact to demonstrate why they are ideal are often particularly noteworthy.

2. The CV is more than just a box ticking exercise

Anyone can create a CV that lists skills, experience and previous roles. However, the great candidates are those who supply you with a CV that also shows you how their skills, experience and previous roles make them perfect for the job they have applied for. That could be highlighting previous achievements that correspond to requirements for the new position, or identifying how they individually made a contribution to the development/progress of their former employer that would also be valuable to you.

3. They are responsive and enthusiastic

If you have to wait a week for a response to a suggested interview date then this is a sign that the candidate may not be ideal. The right candidates understand the value of good communication, of timely responses and the importance of follow ups. This extends right from the first moment of contact through to beyond the interview stage. The way that a candidate treats a potential employer will be indicative of how they might treat your customers or clients so it’s a critical skill to evaluate.

4. They have done their research

What kind of questions does the candidate ask when it comes to enquiries about the role and your business? The right person will have already done their own research and so won’t ask basic questions that they could have found the answers to online. An engaged candidate will be truly curious about the role and the future of the business and the enquiries that they make should reflect that.

5. People speak highly of them

References are not a box ticking exercise but a way to get valuable insight into the candidate you’re considering. What does a former employer actually say about this person, do they speak especially highly of them or are they just giving a generic reference?

6. They are the right fit, personality-wise

What will really distinguish one candidate from another is not the skills and experience on a CV but the way that they interact with you and with the team. How do they handle challenging situations, are they a good fit for your business culture and how do they connect with other people?

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