How can you dress appropriately for the role you are going for?

Dressing for interview

It’s often easy to underestimate just how much of an influence what you wear to an interview can have on its outcome. Not only will your appearance contribute to that crucial first impression that the interviewer has of you, but it will also be a factor in how comfortable you feel. So, how do you make sure that you get your outfit right when it comes to interviews?

Get some insight into the dress code

There are lots of ways that you can see what existing employees are wearing – and this provides a good guide in terms of what will be appropriate for your role too. You could start by looking at staff photos on the website or on LinkedIn. Is everyone in a suit and tie or sporting business casual? It may also be useful to ask the HR team about the dress code or even to spend half an hour opposite the building with a coffee to see how people who enter and leave are dressed.

Avoid a brand new outfit

Don’t wear what you haven’t worn before or you could end up very uncomfortable. Fabric that itches, waistbands that dig in, tops that show sweat patches and shirts that are transparent – these are just a few of the potential pitfalls that you’re opening yourself up to if you opt to go for a brand new outfit for an interview. Instead, choose clothes you know you’ll be comfortable in and which you’ve worn before so you know they’ll work in certain situations. Even if that means adapting your ideal look it’s preferable to being uncomfortable or feeling overexposed or out of place on the day.

Layers can be useful

If you’re not 100% sure about the dress code, a more formal layer on top and something casual underneath provides a neat solution – just remove the formal layer if it turns out the dress code is casual. Layers will also give you options depending on the conditions in the building so that you’re not distracted by being too hot or cold during the interview itself.

Consider the entire ‘look’

From the way you style your hair, to the shoes you choose, the appropriate interview attire is not just about the clothes. When you put everything on are you wearing lots of clashing colours or patterns? Does your outfit look like it goes? You don’t have to look beige and generic but whatever you choose make sure that the outfit looks like it belongs together. That may mean ensuring you’re wearing complimentary colours and a style of shoes and bag that match up with the rest of the outfit.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Iron your shirt (or T shirt), polish your shoes, wash your hair, make sure your nails are clean and short and go for minimal jewellery. Don’t douse yourself in scent or aftershave and keep make up subtle.

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