Five recruiting strategies to help you win the talent war in 2021

Due to the events of the past year, the recruitment industry has had to deal with all manner of new obstacles. From handling ongoing disruptions to working out how to rebuild after COVID-19, recruiters have had to constantly rethink their strategy when it comes to sourcing the best talent. Therefore, we here at 2i Recruit have put together these five recruiting strategies that will help your business to win the talent war in 2021.

  1. Narrowing down the recruitment search – As unemployment levels have increased dramatically in 2020, many of the mainstream resources for finding candidates have become less useful. One post can receive a huge volume of applications on a large job site, many of which are unsuitable. Looking for people in smaller online communities and using a specialist recruitment team like 2i Recruit can help you narrow down the best talent, leaving you with more time and resources to utilize elsewhere in your business.
  2. Remote working – Pre-2020, few organisations really embraced remote working with the same gusto as we have seen since the pandemic began. However, with many physical offices shut or working at a reduced capacity, remote working has now become the norm. In a recent survey, 64% of companies said that a shift to remote working would become permanent for the business. As a result of this, candidates are now looking for this not just as a perk, but an expected option and a measure of how much employers value flexibility when it comes to individual working styles.
  3. Promoting diversity and inclusion – This is something that many candidates are now being proactive about, whether that’s asking questions or using it as a factor in decision-making. Be prepared to answer questions on diversity and inclusion policies and identify how the business can ensure that what it says is backed up by behavioural change.
  4. Pitching to candidates – This doesn’t mean impressing them with your offices or a great break out room but finding other ways to get them engaged with your business instead. Expanded benefits and anything that communicates the culture of the business will be essential in giving candidates a mental picture of what they could expect as an employee.
  5. A candidate’s market – Within certain specialist sectors such as Technology, Medical and E-Commerce, it is still very much a candidate’s market. With organisations all trying to obtain the top talent, it is imperative that as a recruiter, the roles you are marketing remain appealing to the candidate pool. For example, the perks and opportunities that you offer may be a crucial factor in securing the best individual for the role. Therefore, making sure that you find a way to outshine the rest of the competition is fundamental for your success in 2021.

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