Five ways to rethink talent acquisition

The recruitment market has very much experienced a trial by fire for the duration of 2020. Gloomy statistics relating to unemployment and growth have left many businesses in limbo when it comes down to what to expect next. However, while the immediate future may remain unstable, it’s time to take a more long-term view with respect to how to enable a business to evolve and move on from the pandemic in the years to come. For many, this will mean reviewing the existing approach to talent acquisition. Therefore, 2i Recruit has put together a list of five things you can do to re-evaluate your current strategies.

Start now

According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK unemployment rate has hit its highest level for two years as many businesses across the country froze hiring this year. However, over the summer the economy grew by 6.6% and there is a pressing need for organizations to find people with the skills and experience to help manage a transition into a post-pandemic world. That means that it’s not an option to sit still where talent acquisition is concerned. Reviewing the acquisition strategy is an essential first step, especially considering the extended timelines that may now be involved in bringing new people on board.

Involve management

It’s not just the responsibility of the HR team to handle the process of talent acquisition going forward. In these complex times, especially when it comes to developing a robust strategy, the input of senior management is also going to be essential. Any changes that are coming in with respect to the hiring strategy or processes should be approved at all levels to ensure a full understanding across the board.

Review what you’re offering

The shift to working from home that was triggered by COVID-19 has had a significant impact on what employees expect to be offered as part of a new benefits package. For example, many of the best candidates will want to see flexible working as an ongoing option. When it comes to other benefits, there has been a huge increase in the necessity for health and wellbeing packages, meaning that your business should be looking to reflect this in order to meet the updated expectations.

Adapt to virtual processes

With no end in sight to the pandemic as of yet, the future of recruitment currently remains virtual. With this in mind, it is imperative that the processes that surround this are understood and perfected by all who are involved. For example, making sure your staff are comfortable hosting and conducting video interviews, as well as still being able to effectively ascertain what your candidate has to offer despite the lack of real-world connection.

Consider AI technology

From publishing job ads to scheduling interviews predictive AI technology has a lot to add to the recruitment process. It can also be a key tool in the earlier stages of hiring, especially when it comes to going through large numbers of CVs and pulling out only those that are suitable. While this technology is still relatively new it has a lot to offer in recruitment terms.

If your business is looking to update its approach to talent acquisition and wants to partner up with a firm with years of experience in an array of specialist areas, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants here at 2i Recruit.