How To Ace A Graduate Scheme Assessment Centre

A Graduate Scheme Assessment Centre can seem like an intimidating prospect. Together with a number of other candidates you’ll be asked to complete a range of tasks and tests that are designed to assess how suitable you’re likely to be for the graduate scheme – and perhaps for the business too. Most also feature an interview. However, while there are certainly challenges during this process, if you’re well prepared for it the Graduate Assessment Centre offers an opportunity to excel.

Do your research in advance

There are many ways that you can find out a bit more about the business you’re interviewing with before you go to an assessment centre. A simple online search will usually reveal what the business values are, its key clients or projects as well as the main areas of interest. You can also obtain valuable insights from websites like Glassdoor and The Student Room, especially when it comes to the business culture and what it’s actually like to work there. Armed with this information you’ll feel much more prepared and also better able to tailor your responses to what you know the business is about.

Be prepared for psychometric tests

These tests are common during a Graduate Scheme Assessment Centre and most businesses rely on them to help identify character traits, attitudes and cognitive ability among candidates. The best way to prepare for psychometric tests is to practice them – there are a wealth of tests available online and you can get better at them the more you do. Try to practice across the full range of potential tests, from verbal reasoning to situational judgment.

Remain professional at all times

You might get on really well with others who are also at your assessment centre – or you might really end up disliking someone. Either way it’s crucial to remain polite and professional throughout the event. Even during social interactions you may well be being monitored so make you’re that you’re on your best behaviour at all times.

Step forward if it feels right

Team tasks will inevitably be part of a Graduate Scheme Assessment Centre and these are designed to help identify how well you work with other people. Many businesses also use this type of activity to identify potential future managers and leaders. You don’t have to step forward and take charge just for the sake of making yourself seen – there can be a downside to that if you’re not really in the right place for it. However, if it feels right to lead the task it can really help you to stand out.

Make sure you’re unique

You will be attending a Graduate Scheme Assessment Centre with a lot of other people who are the same as you on paper. So, it’s going to be crucial to differentiate yourself in person. From the interview to the team exercise and any presentations you need to do, make sure you approach everything from the point of view of what makes you unique as a candidate.

A Graduate Scheme Assessment Centre is a great chance to gain entry to a scheme that could be life changing. These tips will help you to make the most of your opportunity.