Make the most of your first day in your new job

Congratulations, you’ve landed a new job! It’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about starting your first day. This blog post has been written to prepare you and ease your nerves. More than that, it’s possible to enjoy your first day! Here’s how to make the most of your first day in your new job.

first day in your new job

Make the most of your first day in your new job

Preparations: your first day in your new job

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Learning About the Company

Before you start your first day, you will have found out the dress code, your working hours and any other specific rules for the company.

You may have researched the company to prepare for your interview. If you haven’t, make sure you do before your first day.

Normally, you can find a wealth of information on a company’s website, but checking their social media accounts will give you an even greater insight into the company.

Their social media accounts may give you an idea about their company culture, what’s currently happening within the company, recent social events, company achievements, or key people within the company.

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Be Prepared

Just like preparing for an interview, prepare for your first day at work. It will prevent you rushing around in the morning and therefore help to reduce any nerves you may have.

At the latest, the night before you should decide what you are going to wear and make a note of who you are meeting when you get to the company offices. If you are starting work at a different location to your interview, you will also need to work out how you are going to get there on time.

Punctuality is key on your first day, so aim to arrive early. Getting a good night’s sleep is going to help you cope with your first day, so spend the evening before doing something relaxing, or something you enjoy.

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Getting to Know Your Colleagues

On your first day in your new job there will be lots of new people to meet. Don’t worry if you don’t remember everyone’s name first time, it’s ok to ask them again if you forget.

When introduced to your new colleagues or other people in the organisation, you may be nervous, but don’t forget to be friendly, make eye contact and smile! This will make a great first impression. It always helps to lend a hand too. Offering to make everyone drinks will always go down well!

If you don’t get introduced to everyone on your first day, introduce yourself when you bump into them in the kitchen on your lunch break. However, make sure you steer yourself away from any gossip or office politics during your first days.

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Being Positive

Hopefully you’ll be feeling positive on your first day and take it in your stride. However, if you find yourself struggling on your first day in your new job, remain positive. Avoid comments such as “I can’t do this” or “I’m not sure if I’ll be any good at this.” It won’t give a good impression of your working style or ability to cope. Remain positive and before you know it, you’ll be feeling confident again!

Being positive also means avoiding any negative remarks about your previous role, boss or colleagues. Talking negatively doesn’t give a good first impression on your first day in your new job. You also never know, someone in your new company may know them, some industries are tight knit.

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Learning Your New Role

Don’t assume you’ll be able to do everything on your first day in your new job, in every role there’s always new things to learn. Every organisation will have their own way of doing something. There will probably be skills you can bring to your new job. If you think you can do something a better way, leave your suggestions until you’ve settled into your new role and proved yourself.


The most important thing on your new day is to listen, ask questions and make notes. If you’re unsure about something, ask. It’s always better to ask questions than make a mistake.


You’ll be eager to please but don’t rush into taking on a high work load or lots of responsibility on your first day in your new job. Stick to the work tasks you have been given and make a good job of them. Once you’ve done that and know your work load, you can offer to take on more.

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Beyond Your First Day

As you settle in you may get invited to social events, either in work time or outside of work. It helps to make an effort in these early days by accepting social invitations, so you get to know your colleagues better.

Getting along with your colleagues will help you enjoy your working day and will work to your advantage in times of pressure. In the future if you run into conflict at work, be sure to read our blog ‘The 8 Rules of Managing Conflict at Work.

Also remember that it’s important to work hard at your new role and make a good impression, but it’s also important to look after yourself. Read our blog ‘Why You Should Always Take Your Holiday Entitlement‘ to understand the importance of taking breaks from work to refresh yourself. It will help you in the long-run.


Finally, have faith in yourself! You were picked for the role out of a number of candidates, so your new boss has faith in you! Enjoy your first day in your new job, from everyone at 2i Recruit!