Recruitment: Matchmaking In The Business World

So Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us and it got us thinking – recruitment is just like romantic matchmaking but it’s matchmaking in the business world. With intelligent recruitment there are a lot of similarities to matching suitable romantic partners.


Matchmaking In The Business World

In both cases you start off by making a thorough analysis of what both parties are looking for. You then match these desires such as skills and earnings, and then the softer side of things – personalities. Matching the personality of the candidate to the personality or culture of the prospect employer.

Recruiting and romantic matchmaking also both involve suggesting a perfect match but then leaving the final decision up to the two parties – the candidate and the prospective employer. Recruitment agencies have honed their matchmaking skills through experience of making the perfect match for hundreds of candidates and organisations over the years.

Like a dating agency, recruitment agencies also have access to many more prospects than you could find on your own or by looking in the local paper. Also like some dating agencies, recruitment agencies have pre-screened all prospects. They take the time to really get to know the companies they are recruiting for and will know if they are going to be a suitable match for you.

recruitment matchmaking in the business world tips


Top Tips For Finding The Perfect Job Match

So how do you ensure that your recruitment consultant will find you the perfect match?


1. Think Long Term

Think twice before you are seduced by the tall dark and handsome man without any long term potential. You may be seduced by the big salary or the benefits offered but where do you see yourself in a year? Three years? Five years? Be open with your recruitment consultant about your future goals so they can find you an organisation that will be able to support you with those goals.

You may be interested in gaining qualifications in your chosen field, does your potential employer support gaining these qualifications. You may be happier long term in a company with a great social scene so does your potential employer have clubs and groups that you are participate in out of office hours?


2. Don’t Get Back With An Ex

Your recruitment consultant has found you your ideal role. You tell your current employer that your breaking up with them and offer you a counter offer. It is never a good idea to accept a counter offer.

Your reasons for leaving will more than likely not have changed. Even if you accepted the counter offer you would still be seen with suspiscion for wanting to leave in the first place. Read more on this topic on our blog post “10 reasons why you should never accept a counter offer.”


3. Always Be Truthful About Your History

Your recruitment consultant needs to know the truth about your employment history so they can find you the perfect job match. It’s always better to be honest about your history from the beginning rather than getting tripped up later down the line.

On your CV be honest about your employment history because potential employers may run candidate screening in the form of background checks. Depending on the role you are applying for, these may involve: employment reference checks, criminal record checks, education history, professional qualifications and professional  memberships. If you work in the financial industry your credit reports may be checked and if you need to drive for your job, your motor vehicle record will be checked.


If you are still looking for your perfect match, contact 2i Recruit as we have the matchmaking skills to help you meet the job of your dreams.