10 Ways Socialising with Colleagues is Good for Business

Friday was a very unusual day for most of us but we had our annual company summer party booked and we still managed merriment and to have fun. Most importantly we bonded as a team. This is essential for 2i as well as all other businesses. We outline 10 ways socialising with colleagues is good for business.

10 Ways Socialising with Colleagues is Good for Business


10 Ways Socialising with Colleagues is Good for Business

1. Rewards Employees

Showing employees that you recognise their hard work and are willing to reward them for their hard work is important for employee satisfaction in the work place. It will give employees the motivation and drive to work hard.


2. Team Building

Teams are so important for the success of a business that building tighter bonds between team members mean they will work better together when they are back in the office environment.


3. Creates Happiness at Work

Socialising with team members outside of work builds friendships which means that in the office the environment is going to be more fun and friendly. Having this sort of environment at work makes everyone’s day more enjoyable. Workers report that their job is more fun, enjoyable, worthwhile and satisfying if they have friends at work. We spend most of our waking hours working so it’s important that everyone is happy at work.


10 Ways Socialising with Colleagues is Good for Business


4. Creates Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

According to research carried out by Gallup, employee satisfaction was boosted by 50% in workers who had close work friendships. It also found that employees with a best friend at work are 7 times more likely to be fully engaged in their job.


5. Eases Any Tensions

Tensions can sometimes build up during working hours due to conflicts of interest or misunderstandings. Sometimes people can be having a bad day and take it out on others. Getting out of the office and having fun can melt away any small tensions that may have developed.


6. Boosts Morale

As Friday’s referendum result can show, sometimes employee morale needs to be boosted. Having fun outside the office is the perfect way to boost morale for all team members. Everyone needs to let their hair down every now and then and to take a break from work stresses.


10 Ways Socialising with Colleagues is Good for Business


7. Improved Understanding

Socialising outside the office environment often means you end up talking about topics you wouldn’t normally talk about at work. Team members find out more about each other and their lives and gain a different perspective of each other. Getting to know each other better will iron out any misconceptions and improve relationships.


8. Shared Commitment

Socialising with co-workers creates camaraderie which promotes mutual respect, admiration and a shared sense of identity. This in turn leads to group loyalty that results in a shared commitment to and discipline towards work and achieving shared outcomes.


9. A Strong Support Network

Friends at work can provide a strong support network at work both personally and professionally. You give each other advice, root for each other for promotions, console each other about making mistakes and provide support or assistance for personal situations.


10. New Employees Get Up-to-speed Faster

Research by the College of Education at Illinois found that what employees learn comes 65% from their co-workers and only 15% from their managers. A variety of other answers made up the other 20%. It’s important that new employees fit in and feel part of the team, socialising outside the workplace is an important way of achieving that.


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