What Employee Benefits Do Millennials Prioritise?

Whatever industry you are in, if you’re looking to attract millennials to your company, it’s important to be able to offer them some unique benefits to make your opportunity stand out above others. Unlike generations before them, Millennials are looking for something different – more specific benefits that will give them what they want, rather than just a standard offering. Here are some of the top benefits that Millennials are prioritising…

Being able to make significant contributions

Perhaps the most desired benefit for Millennials is knowing that they will be able to make significant contributions in the workplace that will really make a difference. There is often a desire beyond that of simply benefitting the business, reaching to greater areas of corporate responsibility, such as human rights and environmental issues. Roles and workplaces that allow Millennials to contribute towards these things, and set a good example internally, are appealing.

Flexible working and benefits

Many Millennials are now looking for tailored health and retirement benefits, not just a standard package, but something that can be customised to fit their requirements. Something with options is likely going to be more attractive to them whilst searching for jobs. At the same time, the flexibility of working hours and working remotely are other benefits that many Millennials are looking for to work around other commitments and lifestyle choices, as well as often saving money from reduced commuting.

Creative opportunities

The balance of work and life is of huge importance to a lot of Millennials, with wellness and health being a more central focus of their life than the age groups before. Any corporate wellness programmes or fitness benefits are often desirable, as well as workspaces that are considered more “creative” such as open-plan environments. The opportunity to progress and grow is also a big pull-factor and could help your company to retain Millennials for a longer period, rather than them seeking new opportunities elsewhere.

Information on demand

Millennials have grown up with technology at the centre of society, and the ability to access benefits and information remotely through devices, and get information on-the-go is increasingly popular. Keeping it simple is often better – providing more in-depth information online or in digital formats, rather than lots of paperwork and complex documentation. This is all about communicating on the same level as they are used to.

Recruiting Millennials

Not only are Millennials different in what they look for in a job, but also how they search for new opportunities. They are much more likely to look online, use social media and search on mobile devices.

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