Why use 2i Recruit?

Building a strong team can make your business more resilient and is the key to improving productivity and nurturing innovation. However, it also takes time and resources and the wrong decisions can lead to a repeat of the process further down the line. Working with a recruitment agency like 2i Recruit has a lot of benefits and can help to minimise the pain points that many businesses suffer where hiring is concerned.

Finding the right people

If your businesses is relying on job ads, job boards and recruitment websites then it can be a struggle to even get applications from appropriate candidates. The right people may simply not see the ad or it may not be clear what the benefits of the role really are. 2i Recruit has nurtured well-established networks of exceptional candidates and proactively pursues the talent that could be a perfect fit with your business.

Early vetting

At 2i Recruit we are able to carry out the early stages of vetting so that the candidates that have contact with the business are already a good fit. We can work from criteria to ensure that the right connections are made and to seek out individuals who are potentially ideal employees, whether they are currently looking for a new position or not.

Benchmarking salaries

Many valuable people are lost by businesses with no idea where to pitch financial remuneration for a role. We understand the financial pressures that businesses are under today and can work within that to help you identify where to set salary expectations so that they are competitive within the market. When it comes to negotiating remuneration we have a wealth of experience in helping enterprises to secure the right people.

Providing market insight

We work across a number of sectors and have gained in-depth insight into recruitment trends and the way markets are responding to seismic changes, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. We can provide advice and information that you can use within your business to help define recruitment strategy and manage hiring choices to have a more positive impact on the bottom line of the business.

Handling interviews

Interviews are absolutely crucial to a productive recruitment process but they are also time consuming and can take internal resources away from business activities. We have many years experience in using the process of interviews to streamline candidates and identify those who are going to be the most positive fit. From initial screening interviews to more advanced and in-depth sessions we can provide support that reduces the burden on the business and increases the chances of a positive outcome.

Managing temporary talent demand

It may be that your business needs interim cover, for example where employees are unwell or looking to take maternity leave. 2i Recruit can work with your organisation to ensure that you always have access to the support you need via individuals who are able to hit the ground running.

2i Recruit has a long and positive history of guiding businesses through the process of making positive and productive hires.