As a business, why should you use 2i Recruit for your next talent hire?

The recruitment landscape is a complex environment. Finding the best people for your business can be a time consuming and resource-heavy process that may still not yield the results that you’re looking to achieve in the long term. Working with 2i Recruit for your next talent hire can simplify this process for you, freeing up key people to focus on adding value elsewhere and ensuring that you make the connections that your business needs to thrive. Below are some of the key reasons why partnering with us improves your hiring process and outcomes in a number of invaluable ways.

Our extensive industry insight

We have a great deal of experience and understanding of the recruitment market, which in turn results in more focused decision-making. Our professional team also has an in-depth understanding of key stakeholders, from candidate expectations to employer needs. Moreover, we support recruitment that helps to build a more positive business culture and has an energizing impact on the bottom line.

Make use of interim hires

Under the current circumstances, the needs of your business may be prone to fluctuation. Interim hires offer the kind of flexibility that makes it possible – and easier – to ride out the COVID storm and give your enterprise the chance to thrive. We can work with you to ensure that you have a steady stream of exceptional interim talent when you need it and that you’re making use of this flexible resource as an alternative to heavy, binding contracts that may not be necessary.

Our reach to a broad network of candidates

Here at 2i Recruit, we know where to place a job ad to ensure that it’s seen by the right people. Furthermore, we are connected to a broad network of candidates that enables us to identify the best individual for the role your business requires. We can actively seek out people who meet your job description rather than passively waiting for them to come to you, making the entire process more efficient and results-driven.

We can help you to hire greatness

As a result of our team’s experience in this industry, we know how to help our clients avoid making poor choices when it comes to recruitment. Our model will ensure that you’re attracting the right people at every turn, from the way the job ad is structured to where we look for candidates.

You don’t have to manage the recruitment process alone

Working with a partner like 2i Recruit takes the pressure off recruitment for your business. We can step in and handle initial vetting so that you’re not sorting through hundreds of CVs, and also carry out background checks and initial interviews. Our team can provide support for the latter stages of interviews too, from briefing candidates on what to expect to providing them with insight on the best questions to ask. We also have the expertise to support you in negotiations with potential employees, especially when it comes to crucial questions such as those concerning salary.

If you’re a business looking for a more effective and hassle-free solution for your recruitment needs, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist Consultants here at 2i Recruit.