How can employers best prepare for conducting a video interview?

COVID has changed the employment landscape for the foreseeable future, especially when it comes to acquiring new talent. Remote working and restrictions on person to person contact have made video interviews an essential tool for any business looking to recruit safely. As an employer, how can you ensure that this process is streamlined and as effective as possible? Here are some of 2i Recruit’s top tips for conducting a successful video interview.

The goal of the video interview

 What is the purpose of the interview? For example, is it an opportunity for you and the candidate to have an informal introduction, or preparation for the next step in their application? Are there any materials your team needs to prepare prior to the occasion, or anything that the candidate must submit beforehand? These are the questions that need to be answered and communicated clearly to both parties before the interview is conducted.

Make sure the candidate knows it’s a video interview

Just as your team will need to adjust to remote interviewing, so too will the candidate. It is essential to inform the candidate that the interview is going to be carried out via a video sharing platform, and to ensure that they are set up with the correct access in advance. This includes notifying them of the platform that will be used (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype) and providing any login details that may be required. Make sure to also send a reminder in advance to both your team and the candidate, to make sure that both parties are in attendance.

Test your technology

It’s crucial for everyone that you’re happy and comfortable with the equipment you will be using. Make sure you understand how to set up and exit the meeting, choose the correct audio and visual settings and what to do if issues arise. It’s often worth testing the software with some of your team prior to the interview to prevent any last minute technical issues.

Create an appropriate interview environment

Candidates will be thinking about the best spot in their homes to do the interview and employers should be too. It’s essential that you are well lit and can be heard clearly for the duration of the interview. For example, find a location where external office noise can be excluded, as well as having an appropriate background, such as a neutral or blank wall.

 Ask candidates about their experience

It can be really useful to get feedback from candidates after a video interview. You should try to find out how a candidate felt the interview went in terms of the experience. For example, what did they think of the questions, how did the technology work for them and is there anything that could have been done to improve the experience. Integrate this into future interviews so that they’re always as effective as possible.

Think about the business culture

One aspect of the interview process that is lost in the switch to video is the opportunity for a candidate to experience your business culture. Therefore, it is important that you find another way to express this in order to allow them more of an insight into how your company operates day to day. That could be via talking about the business’ core values and mission statement or sharing details of recent events (virtual or otherwise).

If you are a business looking to recruit new talent and need any further assistance on how to conduct a video interview, then please do not hesitate to contact our specialist team of Consultants here at 2i Recruit.