Attract top graduates to your company by considering these approaches


The summer of 2022 is going to see a large number of graduates entering the jobs market from Generation Z. These jobseekers, born between 1993 and 1999, are keen, smart and talented – and a different type of applicant from those generations who have gone before. If you’re keen to ensure that you attract the best graduate talent to your organisation this year then it’s important to tailor your recruitment from the start.

Contact a dependable Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agencies that are organised and professional will have taken steps to handpick the best graduate talent. Often, students will be returning to their hometowns after finishing their studies and will sign up with local agencies. A local agency that keeps regular contact with graduates, often having students who have worked in temporary assignments during the holidays, will be able to recommend potential employees with current skills both in Education and Professionally.

Highlight development prospects

More than any graduate generation before them, this year’s crop are keen on development and experience, as opposed to just rewards, prestige and benefits. So, ensure that it’s clear to any interested graduates just what kind of opportunities for development your business offers, both personally and professionally. What additional training and qualifications can they acquire with you, what opportunities are there to develop new skills, travel and network? A better employee experience means that graduates are much more likely to commit.

Make sure you have some face-to-face

There is nothing more engaging in any situation than sitting down face-to-face with someone and hearing what they have to say. So, make sure you create some opportunities to start getting graduates engaged in your business with social events and occasions where they can ask questions, meet the team and get an idea of the company culture. It’s also always useful to give imminent graduates the opportunity to speak to someone who has recently gone through the applications process they’re about to face up to.

Define clear career paths

What happens to a graduate once they enter your company? No ambitious graduate sees themselves staying in the same role for years to come. That’s why it’s so appealing to define a path to success for them, for instance, with the example of a “real life” employee within the business who has done something similar to what they are looking to achieve.

The opportunities that arise from being on site

If you’re able to offer internships or placements to graduates then you can create commitment to your company at an early stage. You’ll also be able to generate interest from other graduates and to assess the quality of those who might be making an application to you. An internship or placement is a very effective investment for a business and, if resources are tight, can be a better option than spending out on heavy marketing.

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