Benefits of using a recruitment agency: supporting your business in the upturn

COVID-19 has created uncertainty and, within many organisations, a requirement to economise. When the economy starts to swing back towards activity and growth the need to be able to respond quickly is going to be essential. Using a recruitment agency provides the resources and support to do this quickly and with focus. While expenditure may still need to be carefully controlled, the benefits of working with a recruitment agency make an external partner like this one investment with obvious returns.

Cost-saving benefits

Looked at in terms of hiring as a whole, working with a recruitment agency will save you money. Although there is a fee to pay for the service many other expenses can also be reduced, from the cost of paying a creative writer to create job ads to the expense of paying for these to appear in the right places to attract the best candidates. In terms of the value of internal time, the savings are immense – everything, from initial CV checking through to scheduling interviews with the right people at your business is handled externally, freeing you and your team up to focus on other matters.

Handling every aspect as an extension of your business

The right recruitment partner will significantly lighten the pressure on your team when it comes to finding exceptional people to help your business thrive in the upturn. From vetting initial applications to scheduling interviews and organising diaries, a recruitment agency can take the pressure off so that your team is only involved at key moments and not dealing with the day-to-day hiring process. Working as an extension of your business, a recruitment agency not only handles the process but also represents your brand so that candidates know what your business values and what it has to offer.

Fast and efficient hiring

For many organisations, the need to grow is likely to come suddenly and remaining competitive may require a speedy approach to recruitment. Whether you are looking to recruit entire permanent teams or make short-term interim hires, a recruitment agency can handle this quickly and efficiently. Not only will this ensure that your business can remain competitive but that the candidates you see have been vetted and referenced checked and are those that are likely to be the best fit for your business.

Reach and expertise

A specialist recruitment agency brings inside knowledge of your sector, and your business, to the table – this is crucial when it comes to finding the people who are likely to be the best fit. With a broad pool of candidates to choose from and access to the networks where the most talented applicants are likely to be, a specialist recruitment agency provides a direct channel to the star candidates you may simply not be able to access without the right networks and contacts.

With a post-COVID upturn on the horizon – at least tentatively – for many businesses now is the time to find a recruitment partner able to support your organisation through this crucial time.