Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice

Have you thought about the benefits of hiring an apprentice? There are many benefits you may not have fully considered. In this blog we talk about the top 10 benefits of hiring an apprentice.

benefits of hiring an apprentice


Recently we’ve had 3 clients requesting apprentices, so we were thinking about the many benefits of hiring one. We have filled these roles and the apprentices have been a great asset to these companies.

Apprentices can be school or college leavers. Some have 3 A’s at A levels. Many high-achieving students will choose not to go to university because of the high debt created, so therefore companies can benefit greatly by employing these high-achieving students.

top 10 benefits of hiring an apprentice

Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice

1. Hiring an apprentice means you can mould them so that they fit to your company. Their skills are tailored to your company’s specific needs as they train with you. As they progress within your company, they will know your company inside-out.

2. By hiring an apprentice you are likely to increase employee retention rates. Apprentices often become loyal long-standing employees. Statistics show that 80% of companies that hire apprentices report a significant improvement in employee retention rates.

3. Once trained, apprentices are then ready to go into more senior positions as and when they become available within your company. This means that you then have a ready-to-go workforce that already fit into your company’s culture and can reduce your recruitment costs.

4. Apprenticeship frameworks are more job related than any other type of learning. Apprenticeship programmes have been designed to reduce the amount of training that companies need to provide. For example, if you have an apprentice working in Business Administration, they will complete modules such as ‘communication in a business environment’, and ‘producing business documents’.

5. By hiring an apprentice you are giving back to the community by providing a valuable route into employment for young people.

6. There are Government grants and incentives that contribute towards the cost of hiring an apprentice.

7. You can boost productivity within your company. Figures from Populus, show that 76% of companies say apprentices provide a higher level of productivity and 81% say that they help boost the productivity of the whole company.

8. Apprentices are loyal and committed members of your workforce as they have made an active choice to learn on the job and commit themselves to a specific career.

9. You can boost morale within your company by hiring an apprentice as it is seen as investing in and developing your workforce.

10. Apprentices are highly employable candidates as they have excellent I.T. skills and good attitudes such as high levels of enthusiasm and creativity. Employers are finding that apprentices can fill digital skills gaps.
If you would like to discuss the possibility of hiring an apprentice, contact our Recruitment Agency in Godalming and we can discuss your specific needs.