Top Tips For You To Land Your Dream Career in 2020

Dream Job

The start of any new year is traditionally a hectic time in recruitment. In January 2020, as we enter not just a new year but a new decade too, activity levels in the market are predicted to rise considerably. With businesses keen to find new staff to help implement a new strategy for the new decade, as well as to respond to political change and sector evolution, January 2020 could be the ideal time for you to land your dream career, as long as you’re prepared.

Top tips to get the job you want

1. Make a fresh start when it comes to your CV

Whether you’ve been job-hunting for a while or you’re bringing an old CV out of retirement. The beginning of a new year is also an excellent time to review this essential document. Your CV is the key to the door when it comes to progressing through to interview, so it must be up to date, concise, exciting and engaging. Make sure it reflects the full range of skills, qualifications and experience that you have right now and that you’ve tailored it for the individual role that you want to apply for.

2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

You might have decided that there is only one company you want to work for and only one role within that business that you’d accept. If you take this approach, you could be missing out on a wealth of other opportunities to take a different route to that dream career. Instead, apply widely for any roles that meet your essential criteria. Give a range of employers a chance and consider whether taking a slightly different path now may mean that you end up in an even better position further down the line.

3. Don’t delay your decisions

Hesitation doesn’t inspire confidence. If you get offered a new role, then choose it quickly so that you don’t waste anyone’s time. It’s not unheard of for offers to be withdrawn because of candidate delays. So don’t assume that just because the business has expressed official interest, you don’t still have to act quickly.

4. Take a proactive approach

Make sure you’re pursuing a range of different options so that you generate as much choice as possible when it comes to offers. That could mean partnering with a recruiter, looking at jobs boards and websites yourself, as well as contacting businesses that you specifically want to work for.

5. Be prepared

In particular, make sure that you’re ready for the interview stage as soon as you’ve submitted a CV. This could happen quickly, and you will give yourself an advantage over other candidates if you are ready for it. Interview preparation could mean ensuring you know your CV inside out. You’ve researched the business thoroughly, practised answering tricky questions and know how to sell your skills and experience in this environment.

If you want to land your dream career in 2020, these tips will help you to get there.