Why incorporating digital learning for your staff will benefit your organisation

With the world seeing a substantial shift towards a digital way of working this last year, training too has made the transition into the online world. With online training and development being embraced by organisations for many years prior to COVID-19, it’s important to remember that there are some very real benefits to providing digital learning for your staff that can have a positive knock-on effect right across your organisation. Whether it be internally or externally sourced, digital training provides staff with easily accessible sessions and resources that can be completed remotely alongside their colleagues at a convenient time. Therefore, we here at 2i recruit have put together a list of why your business should be looking to utilize digital learning resources to develop and upskill your workforce.

Innovative learning space – Much of the traditional interaction of a classroom can now be replicated via video platforms – such as asking questions or creating break out groups to discuss certain topics – with the overall engagement element being much more effective than many give it credit for.
Cost-effectiveness – For both staff and employers, there can be high costs involved in training offline. From travel costs and overheads to hiring professional trainers, there are a lot of aspects and logistical concerns to consider. With digital training, most of these issues and costs can be removed from the equation and can be delivered much more cost-effectively by providers offering a range of different budget-friendly packages remotely.
Integration – With staff learning digitally, there is no need to take time off to attend training or seminars, as these can be accessed remotely via their devices and computer. In the current climate where flexibility and agility are key, digital learning is precisely what many businesses need to enable employees to continue to grow in a way that fits their lifestyle and the latest public health requirements.
Inclusive and Eco-Friendly – Digital learning has a major advantage in that it is accessible to anyone. For example, transcripts can be provided for those with learning difficulties, and there is no need to access a physical space that may not be disability-friendly. Plus, digital training has multiple eco-benefits, from removing the need for cars or transport to be used to attend learning sessions to the fact that courses are often delivered in a completely paperless environment.
A convenient way to learn – Many people have begun to feel stuck this year as COVID-19 has made it difficult for individuals to progress their careers. Online training is a great way to acquire new skills, qualifications and perspectives as well as upskilling or changing career paths. Moreover, it is often a very rewarding experience and can provide staff with a much-needed sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
Accessibility – Even if your staff is located in different offices all over the world they can all come together to participate in learning and training. This makes digital learning much simpler to facilitate across an organisation and also an essential tool if large sections of your business are currently working from home.

If you’re a company looking to upskill your staff in a cost-effective and convenient way, then please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our consultants here at 2i Recruit and ask about our partnership with the digital learning platform ‘TriDigital’ for all your training needs. ‘TriDigital’ provide live and interactive learning solutions for a wide array of business areas, so get in touch today to learn about our introductory offers and packages.