Why you should use 2i Recruit to facilitate your temporary staff hires

The current recruitment landscape requires businesses to be agile and flexible, and for many, this means embracing the potential for temporary staff hires. As a result of this shift, a significant administrative burden may be felt within your company. A solution that will prevent your business from falling subject to this additional strain on resources would be to work alongside an experienced temporary hiring agency. Not only will this help to simplify the processes involved in employing temporary staff, but it also allows your team to focus on the work they are best at. Therefore, we here at 2i Recruit have put together a list of some of the reasons why working with us would be beneficial for your business when sourcing your next temporary hire.

Why use 2i Recruit for temporary staff hires?

Industry experience and market intelligence – If your organisation doesn’t have a long history of working with temporary staff, it can be useful to partner with an agency that does. From determining wages to dealing with contract lengths, 2i Recruit can fill in the gaps for temporary staff hires thanks to our wealth of industry experience and in-depth knowledge of key markets.
Dealing with the administrative side – It’s likely your business may already have enough administrative data to process for your permanent workforce. Temporary staff can be easily handled via a partner like 2i Recruit without the need to add them to databases or handle key contractual interactions. This can be taken care of directly and in a legally compliant way by 2i Recruit. It is only if a temporary member of staff is likely to become a permanent asset to your business that you will have to intervene in this process.
Finding the best people – Temporary hires often need to hit the ground running and there may be no opportunity for training or gradually acquiring skills. It’s difficult for many businesses to find people who can fulfil requirements at short notice and jump into a role in this way. However, working with an agency like 2i Recruit will give your business access to a sizeable pool of talented people, making it much more likely that you’ll find the staff that you need to support your business going forward.
Giving your business options – Working with a partner like 2i Recruit for temporary staff hires gives your organisation a lot more options when it comes to swift scaling up or providing essential last-minute cover. Many organisations use high-quality temporary staff hires as a way to discover new talent and a short-term contract can often serve as a long interview for people who may eventually become permanent staff.
Convenience and speed – An experienced and effective agency like 2i Recruit can essentially deliver fast-track hiring so that you have the right people in the right positions when you need them. Costs are predictable and easy to control, whether you’re hiring for a new project or simply to cope with a seasonal spike in demand.

If you’re a business looking to partner with an experienced temporary recruitment agency, then please do not hesitate to call our team of specialist consultants here at 2i Recruit on 01483 414 719, or email us at info@2irecruit.co.uk.