Could doing temp work help you to save to go travelling?

Temp Worker

Once the graduation celebrations die down, the reality of a long (hopefully hot) summer stretches ahead – with not much cash to do anything. If you’ve got ambitious travel plans for this year, or you’re hoping to go to some festivals, temp work could be the perfect solution to give you enough budget to make your summer dreams come true.

Make the most of your last long summer

If you’re about to start your first career job, this summer will be the last one you have off in a while so it’s going to be important to make the most of it. Whether you’re looking to go backpacking around Peru or spend a month island hopping in Greece, you’ll need cash in the bank to help you enjoy the experience. Temp work is the perfect solution if you’re currently short of the budget you need for the grand travel plans that you’re making for summer 2018.

The benefits of temp work for graduates

  • You don’t need lots of experience. Many temp jobs are ideal for recent graduates, as they don’t require a CV full of comparative roles.
  • Leave when you need to. If you’re temping then the amount of notice you’ll have to give to leave the job is minimal – you may only need to work until the end of the initial commitment you made. In a full time job you will usually be required to give a month’s notice, maybe more, so the work is much less flexible.
  • Work around your summer experiences. Temp work is ideal if you have some summer experiences and events that you want to attend that a regular job would prevent you from going to. When you’re a temp you can take the jobs that appeal and leave the ones that clash with your travel time, trips or festivals.
  • Weekly pay means you’ll have cash faster. Unlike a permanent job you won’t have to wait until the end of the month to get paid and start making your travel plans.
  • Temp work makes it easier to budget. If you haven’t yet picked up budgeting skills you won’t have to make a whole month’s worth of wages last, as you’ll be getting paid per week instead.
  • Temp hourly rates are often higher. You could get paid more for your effort per hour when you’re working under a temporary contract, as opposed to a permanent one.
  • A range of opportunities. There are lots of different temp jobs available so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and should be able to work as and when it suits your schedule.

And when it comes to booking your travels…

  1. Create a budget so you know that the cash you have will last your entire trip
  2. Look out for cheap travel deals – look for the most cost-effective ways to travel.
  3. Travel with a friend – you’ll be able to split your accommodation two ways, which is often one of the highest costs
  4. Choose your destinations by price – some locations, such as Asia and Indonesia, are cheaper to travel in than destinations in Western Europe.

If you’re looking for temp work to help you fund the trip of your dreams then we can help – contact 2i Recruit today to find out about the latest opportunities.