Do you know how to manage stress and anxiety at work?

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at some point in their working life. However, if these feelings are constant for you then you may need to rethink the way that you approach your day-to-day experience. If stress and anxiety aren’t properly managed they can not only affect your performance at work but the way you feel about yourself and the interactions you have with others outside of the office too.

How to manage stress and anxiety

 Learn to say no

Often, we take on too much at work in an attempt to please a manager or support a colleague. However, if you just keep saying yes to the point that you have no time to do any of your tasks well, the standard of your work will drop and you’ll find yourself constantly stressed and anxious about it. When someone asks for your help, pause and then consider whether you can do what they’re asking to do the best of your ability. If not, say no.

 Invest in preparation time

Being prepared always helps to lower levels of stress and anxiety because you feel more able to deal with the challenges ahead. Preparation is usually a series of small steps that give you that little extra advantage, from laying out an outfit for a big meeting the night before to getting into the habit of writing a task list for the next day before you leave the office at night.

 Work out how to be more organised

 Start by clearing your desk – a messy and chaotic work space will instantly make you feel stressed. Look for resources and tools to help you improve your organisational skills. That could be focusing on better managing your calendar or using apps for more transparent team communication.

 Don’t be afraid of delegation

The opposite of delegation is micro-management, which can be just as damaging for team morale. Get used to passing on tasks that would be better completed by another member of the team and learn to identify where your strengths mean that you can add the most value. Delegation is a skill to be learned so don’t panic if you don’t master it straight away – when you do, it should lead to a calmer and less stressful day-to-day work life.

 Leave work at the office

 Thanks to technology it is theoretically possible to keeping working 24/7. However, your mind and body need a break, especially when it comes to better managing stress. So, when you leave the office go and do something else – play sport, see friends, sleep or read – and don’t be tempted to keep answering emails late into the night.

 Engage in some self-care

 This could be anything, from ensuring that you take regular breaks during the day, to eating food that supports concentration and focus and making sure you’re getting enough sleep. The more you look after your body and mind the easier it will be to keep stress under control.

Managing stress and anxiety at work just takes a few simple changes – but the results can be deliver huge relief.