How you can reduce costs by using a recruitment agency to hire new members of staff

The hiring process can be time-consuming and costly. It takes valuable hours away from in-house teams and can suck resources dry if it’s a cycle that is happening on repeat. Working with a recruitment agency has many advantages. If your business is struggling with the cost and time burden of recruitment – especially if you’re just not seeing great results – a recruitment agency could help turn things around. These are four key ways in which working with a recruitment agency could help you to reduce costs and deliver a more productive and streamlined recruitment process.

Better candidates take the financial pressure off

Recruiting the wrong people has a lot of cost implications. Employees who don’t perform take up around 17% of management time and can be a serious drain on team morale and productivity. If someone has to be replaced then the time involved in finding a replacement and then training them up is effectively wasted as it has all been done before. A major benefit of partnering with a recruitment agency is that you have a higher chance of finding the right people in the first place, resulting in more productive employees who don’t drain management time. An agency will have a database of potential candidates, strict vetting standards and the experience to help identify those applicants who have the right skills, experience and attitude to be productive and integrate with the business culture straight away.

Time spent on recruitment is reduced

Recruitment agencies are highly experienced at seeking out the best candidates and can streamline the entire hiring process for you. Key stages, such as initial vetting, first interview and skills testing can be handled by the agency, freeing up your in-house team to focus on what they do best. Instead of having to deal with large numbers of CVs from completely unsuitable applicants, your team will only be involved at the point at which A-list, vetted candidates are ready to be seen.

Direct up-front costs are minimised

If you work with a recruitment agency, the goal is to supply your business with candidates who are highly capable, with a broad skill set and the right specialisms. Hiring and training costs for new employees can have a big impact on business budgets, especially for small and medium sized enterprises. Working with a recruitment agency means having a benchmark in place to evaluate applicants to ensure that those who make it through don’t require extensive and expensive training before they can start being productive team members. A competent agency not only completes these pre-employment evaluations but they also provide candidates with ongoing support and contact throughout the recruitment process ensuring the best possible outcome for your vacancy.

And if you don’t need a permanent hire…

We can supply a range of skilled temporary workers for a broad spectrum of roles. You won’t need to pay overtime to your existing staff and you’ll get a temporary specialist with the right skill set to get the job done quickly and in a cost effective way.

These are just some of the benefits of opting to work with a recruitment agency, both to manage new hires and fill temporary staffing gaps. Contact the team at 2i Recruit today to discuss your requirements.