Support Your Employees After A Challenging Year With Live, Virtual, Interactive Learning

Firstly, we want to wish you all a happy and successful 2021! Last year was unexpected for most businesses and their employees but we’re looking forward to the year ahead with exciting plans. Our first exciting venture of the year is offering our clients a pioneering new way to provide live, virtual, interactive learning to your teams.

TriDigital Learning


Learning in a post Covid world

In the post Covid world, L&D has changed and it’s gone fully online. Gone are the days of sending your team away on a course. Live, virtual, interactive learning is here. We’ve partnered up with a global company, TriDigital Learning, that’s pioneering this way of learning.

You can offer your employees a wide range of courses from mental health, to sales and customer service to Microsoft Excel.









Credible, quality curriculum

There are 35 hours’ worth of courses per week of credible, quality curriculum. A number of the courses are CPD accredited if your employees collect them. The whole curriculum goes through stringent checks gaining them a 97% feedback quality score.



During lockdown digital learning such as Webinars has boomed. Live courses were found to be a more effective method of online learning, so that’s exactly what their courses are ensuring continuous employee engagement.


It’s as if you are there in person but it’s all online, which makes it all possible in the post Covid world. This saves your employees time and is cost-effective for your company.


Webinars can be dull, listening to a talking-head for hours. You try to absorb the material and stay engaged but get distracted easily.

That’s why all their courses are highly interactive and immersive, the highly experienced and qualified trainer is engaging with you every step of the way.


Huge savings on your traditional L&D budget

Through our partnership with TriDigital Learning, you can offer your employees access in an unlimited format from as a little as £9/employee/month.

This service works in conjunction with L&D Managers saving on their traditional L&D budget, allowing them to focus on company specific learning or corporate structure.

This truly is a more cost-effective method of developing your teams skills. You no longer need to pay for expensive in-person learning, and accommodation and travel expenses for your employees whilst they’re away on their course.

TriDigital say “Our research has shown we can save 84% of businesses who currently invest in L&D a 68% saving in learning spend, without compromising quality.”

Support Your Employees After A Challenging Year With Live, Virtual, Interactive Learning


Extra benefits

  • If you have over 50 employees, you can have your own TriDigital landing page like ours.
  • Free Learning analysis for your employees and teams.
  • Post webinar feedback follow up and support.
  • Each client has access to their business dashboard, showing realtime usage of the TDL user offerings.


Free Trial

From 18th January we can offer you a 6 week free trial to see if this format of learning works for your teams. You can support your employees after a difficult year with live, virtual, interactive learning. Contact us to find out more.