Why Autumn is the Perfect Time for Job Hunting

Summer seems to be well and truly over with the change of weather here in the UK, but there are many things to keep our spirits lifted. The recruitment industry is busy during September and candidates are often looking for a new direction making autumn the perfect time for job hunting.

autumn is the perfect time for job hunting

Autumn is the Perfect Time for Job Hunting

The Recruitment Industry Picks Up Speed

During August, many key decision makers are on annual leave and the recruitment industry slows down. In September business hots up again, making it the second busiest time in recruitment after the new year rush in January.


More Jobs Are Available

Due to the recruitment industry picking up speed again at the beginning of autumn, there are more jobs available than during the summer months. Many decision makers come back from annual leave with new goals and plans, leading to a higher demand for candidates they would like to fill in their organisation.

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More Time to Job Hunt

With the summer months over and the evenings drawing in earlier, autumn is often the season when we spend more time at home. During the summer, time is often used up for holidays and making the most of warm weather in the evenings, but now in September, a lot of job hunters have time to look for a new role.

job hunting in autumn

A New Direction

Employees may return from annual leave with a renewed focus on their goals and plans. In some cases, this may be to achieve new objectives in their current role, alternatively, it could be the decision to look for a new role that aligns more closely with a candidate’s aspirations.

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Get Settled in Your New Role Before Christmas

Christmas can often be a busy and stressful time for many people, so making sure you are settled in your new role before Christmas is a good idea. This then leaves you free to concentrate on the festive period, making autumn the perfect time for job hunting.


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