How to motivate employees after their summer holidays

For a lot of offices, August and September can be a productivity killer. Post summer holidays days can be the least productive days in the year. So how do you motivate your employees after their summer holidays?

motivate employees after summer holidays

Motivate your employees after their summer holidays

Be Interested

When your employee returns back to the office after their summer holiday, they may be keen to tell their colleagues all about it. We recommend you encourage and participate in this because once they’ve spoken to colleagues about their time away, they will then be motivated to get back to the task in hand. This can also help to enhance the collaborative environment in your team.


Schedule a Meeting

Having a one-to-one meeting with the returning staff member allows you to review their priorities, set goals and outline expectations for the coming weeks. You can also help them to prioritise their workload and let them know what is urgent.



Letting your staff know that they have been missed will make them feel appreciated and will induce a feeling of motivation to work hard for you.

motivate employees after their summer holidays

Work Load

Work load needs to be taken into consideration when your employees return back to the office after their summer holiday. They may need a couple of days to get through their emails before starting on any new projects. Once they have caught up on their emails and anything they have missed while they have been away, it’s then time to motivate them on new projects.



Offering incentives is an effective way to motivate staff no matter the time of year. Incentives do not need to be financial, they could be treating them to lunch or a voucher for their favourite activity. Knowing what motivates each member of staff is key to motivating employees.


The Future

When an employee returns back from their summer holiday, it’s an important time to remind them of any exciting or motivating company events coming up. For example, you may start planning the office Christmas party or you may have an awards party coming up in the Autumn. Now is the time to let them know that returning from their summer holidays isn’t the end of their excitement for the year.


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