Job Hunting In The Run Up To Christmas

As the year is drawing to a close many of you may be dreading the thought of another year working for the same employer and are starting to see what other roles are out there. If you are job hunting in the run up to Christmas, don’t despair.

“But there aren’t as many jobs available at this time of year?” Many people assume that recruitment slows down in the lead up to Christmas but we are busier than ever! We are inundated with roles for December and January starts. We have lots of clients looking for candidates for a range of roles.

With that in mind, don’t delay your job search until the New Year. Bag yourself that new job now and relax over the Christmas holidays in the knowledge of a new start awaiting you.

We are only shut for a short time over the Christmas holidays: we close on Christmas Eve and reopen on 4th January. Right up until Christmas Eve we will be filling roles for 2016 so if you are looking for a new role for the New Year contact us now.

Job Hunting In The Run Up To Christmas

Why Use An Agency Like Us?

“Why use an agency when you can apply for a job directly?”


Save Time and Stress

The beauty of using a recruitment agency is you save a great deal of time and hassle. Looking for a job can be very time consuming; trawling through newspapers or searching the web, researching the companies to find out if they are suitable and contacting companies to find out if the job is still available. We do all that for you and take the stress away!

As a candidate you also need to take time off work to attend interviews. So to save you valuable annual leave, we vet each and every company. You are matched to each job role to make sure each and every interview you attend is time well spent.

Our focus is on quality not quantity so on average you will only need to attend 2 interviews before you are placed in a role! Imagine the time you can save by using an agency like ourselves.


Your Job Hunting In The Run Up To Christmas


All The Information You Need

Sometimes you won’t be able to find out all the necessary information about a job when you are looking. For example, when searching newspapers for jobs, often the salary isn’t mentioned. We can tell you all the necessary information you need before you apply for a job so your time isn’t wasted.


Expert Help

We are experts at matching candidates with roles, so if we put you forward for a job, you can be assured that you will be a good match for it.


Top Tip For Candidates

If your aim of looking for a new job is to gain an increase in earnings, before starting a job search, ask your boss for an increase in salary. If they are happy to provide this to you then you have saved yourself a lot of time and stress looking for a new job. You might have a host of other reasons  why you are looking for a new job such as not feeling valued, not having enough training, having no career progression or simply wanting a change. If this is the case we can help you find your perfect job.


On the Search for Good Candidates

We are always on the search for good candidates to fill the best roles. For good candidates we can interview you on Skype or we can meet you at a convenient location to you. We ask all candidates to have up-to-date experience in their field before applying for a job. If you are job hunting in the run up to Christmas, contact us now to arrange a meeting.