Why It Pays To Be Kind At Work

Kindness in the workplace in the past has often been seen as unnecessary and even detrimental to getting ahead as we’ve been told that the workplace is cutthroat, and you need to be competitive to progress in your career. However, the tide has been turning as more and more research shows why it pays to be kind at work.

Why It Pays To Be Kind At Work










How Does Being Kind At Work Pay?

Kindness is powerful. It creates a positive ripple effect from the giver to the receiver and extends through the whole organisation to impact the bottom line in multiple ways.


The Receiver of Kindness

Kindness at work can come in many forms, most notably recognition, compliments and praise. These acts of kindness can help the receiver feel more fulfilled in their job. Not only that but it also has a positive impact on their self-esteem which can negate mental health issues.

Gallup has found consistently in its surveys that being recognised at work helps decrease employee burnout and absenteeism, and also increases employee well-being. A healthy worker is a productive worker.


The Giver of Kindness

Being kind also positively impacts the giver as it makes you feel like a good person and therefore boosts your self-esteem. It also shapes how others perceive us which improves our reputation at work.

The Harvard Business Review found in studies that giving compliments makes you happier than receiving them. This is due to the boost in social connection.

Kind At Work


How Kindness Improves the Organisation

As we discussed in a previous blog ‘The Latest UK Employee Happiness Survey & How A Company’s Bottom Line Is Affected’ employee happiness impacts the bottom line.

Organisations should foster a culture of kindness at work due to multiple benefits, not only to the bottom line. A study by the American Psychological Association found that increased rates of courtesy, helping, and praise increased productivity, efficiency, and lower turnover rates. A culture of collaboration and innovation is created from employees frequently being kind.


How Can Leaders Promote Kindness in the Workplace?


Now you’ve discovered why it pays to be kind at work, how can you show your kindness more?